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About Us:

Zarnitzki – Heifetz Construction Project Monitoring Ltd. is a well known consulting firm monitoring construction projects for the Israeli banking system as well as for private entrepreneurs.
The company was established in 1992 as a subsidiary of A. Heifetz and Co. in collaboration with real estate appraiser and engineer Yitzchak Zarnitzki. The company has offices both in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv. The company's main expertise is project monitoring in the center of Israel as well as consulting and advising through complex projects. The company has been involved in some of the most significant development projects throughout Israel.

Zarnitzki – Heifetz is involved in providing the following services:

  • Financial monitoring for projects (over the years, the firm has handled over 500 hundred projects around Israel and supervising over 40).
  • Economic-financial consulting including feasibility studies and sensitivity analyses.
  • Expert professional opinions for use in the courts of law on various subjects including for construction deficiencies, reduction in value etc.
  • Feasibility studies of construction projects.
  • Projects monitoring while preparing periodic reports.
  • Consulting regarding development and appreciations of land plots.
  • Construction program evaluations.
  • Preparing "Best Use" studies (optimal mixture of land uses)
  • Preparing assets portfolios for companies and corporations
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